Timeless love

As I grow older I find myself appreciating age.  I see the beauty and wisdom all around me when I’m surrounded by beautiful and warm hearted slightly older people.  No one wants to be called old … let’s just get that straight!  There seems to be no gentle word describing boomers.  Old is just another word, it definitely does not define a person.  I do however find that the world out there seems to “forget” about this beautiful more mature group of people.  Lets explain it this way … You will seldom see magazines and fashion houses use models over 30.  I am a mom who has lived life for the past 50 years and I want to look fashionable and dress fashionable, wrinkles, love-handles and all.    Don’t get me wrong, I love young people and love photographing them, but I would love to see models over 40 show me what ageing gracefully looks like.  Unfortunately a beautiful young model aren’t capable of doing that.

This made me think and realise that we ourselves are to blame for this.  We let the world forget about us, so we need to show the world how important and gorgeous we are.

We live through different seasons in life … we fall in love, get married and most of the time have children.   We make/made sure to capture all these seasons filled with memories, and so we have loads of albums to show for this.  We plan and book family photo sessions and we fill our walls with gorgeous prints of those sessions.  These are our walls of memories which flows through our house.  We enter the next season where we become empty nesters. Our children get married, start their little family and we become the proudest grandparents the world has ever seen 🙂  We then start to fill our houses with beautiful pictures of those adorable little faces we call grandkids.  We keep filling albums and walls with every single special memory.  Our walls run out of space, but we make sure to keep these memories on USB’S/computers/mobile phones.  We get in the habit of not printing any new photo’s for our house because the walls are filled up.  We tend to think that we will print them some day, but that day never arrives.  All of a sudden we realise that we have “lost” a lot of years filled with those memories, because we don’t remember where we saved the last 5 years of photo’s to.  Then we start to search for these photo’s and that is when we realise that we have forgotten one VERY IMPORTANT thing … amongst all the fuss around life and our grandkids we don’t have any recent photo’s of just the 2 of us.  We actually have not had proper beautiful photos taken since our grandkids were born.  Yes, we do have mobile phone photos and we might have been lucky enough to be part of our kids family photo session, but we have nothing of just the 2 of us.  We have stopped celebrating & photographing US as a couple. We have nothing.  We have forgotten us for the last 10+ years!

This is why I make the effort to photograph my own parents who are still very healthy and happy over the age of 80.  I live in a different country than they do so I do not get to see them often.  These pictures are worth gold to me.  I have captured them in a moment of time.  I’ve engraved that memory into prints for myself, my children and future grandkids.  They are part of our family history and I love them and want to always remember them.  I also realise that it is important to have gorgeous professional photo’s of my hubby and myself.  It does wonders to see the love we have for each other show on the photo’s.  I cherish these and I fill my home with them.  I never want to forget us and never want our history to be forgotten.

David & Cindy are one of those couples who have a lifetime of stories to share.  They are prominent figures in our church and are loved by loads of people.  When Cindy & David thought about the last time they had photo’s taken of just the 2 of them they realised that it was long overdue.  Since I love capturing real moments with sessions like this one, we decided to go down to our local boat harbour and use the gorgeous surroundings as their backdrop.  When people are being photographed in the outdoors they definitely are so much more relaxed and comfortable.  This was time for just the 2 of them;  time to think about their love for each other and actually re-connect with that feeling they first had when they saw each other for the first time many years ago.  These 2 people were super easy and comfortable in front of our lens.  There words to us:  “we had so much fun”.

I strongly recommend that each and every young, midlife & mature couple never neglect to photograph YOU as a couple.  You are worth it!

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