The Beauty of Age

As we grow older we definitely grow wiser and start to realise that beauty is not what the world, especially the fashion world, wants us to see as true and real beauty.  We see beauty in everything and everyone around us.  We start to enjoy life the way it was intended.  We look at women from all ages and we see the beauty they have within them and the beauty that shines from them.  We see happy mothers, wives and grandmothers.

We don’t focus on ourselves, but we focus on everyone around us.  We tend to forget about ourselves in some way;  everyone else’s needs and wants comes before ours.  We don’t take the time to do something like a beautiful portrait session for ourselves.  We put everyone and everything else first in our life.  In my conversations with women over 40, I find that they hardly have any resent beautiful images of themselves.  I’m not talking the quick iphone photo or the selfies with their partner or children, I’m talking a beautiful planned styled portrait session.  We as women (and I include myself in this) need to take the time to dress up, do our hair & make-up and contribute to our family history by taking the time to book a portrait session.  I value photo’s of my family, parents and friends and see these as very important pieces contributing to my life story and our family history.  An image definitely speaks a thousand words and family members will treasure them forever.

All women deserve to see their beauty the way people around them see their beauty.  That is where my job comes in.  I love showing all women, but especially mature women how gorgeous they are.  I love seeing their faces light up when they see their own beauty in the images.  When they see what I see and what their family see.  I love being part of this journey!

Marche is one of my fellow Bible study group friends.  She actually leads our Bible study and contributes tremendously to our church and the community.  She always has a smile on her face and always welcomes anyone with an open heart and open arms.  She has the ability to make you feel  straight at home and loved.  I wanted to photograph her and so asked her to be my model for this session. Although she was not 100% sure about it, she gave 100% during the session.  The first comment I always here from people are that they are no model so hopefully I won’t find it to hard to photograph them.  This was no different for Marche.  But this is the part I love, because this is where I show people that they are gorgeous and the camera definitely loves them.  I love to give my sessions a touch of glamour.  I think Marche looks absolutely stunning in these images and am so happy to share these with the world out there.

Thanks Marche for taking the time to come and “dress up” with me.  You are one beautiful lady.