Tess – Beautiful at 87

Beauty definitely comes with age … you only have to look at Tess to agree with my statement.  She is a stunner.

Only 87 year young and still have a zest for life.  She is a grandmother with a heart of gold.  She is genuine, compassionate, caring and definitely loving.  Within 5 minutes of meeting her, it felt like I knew her for years.  She is super fashionable (was the owner of her on boutique for years) and will not let age get in the way of expressing her style & beauty.   I normally have to guide women when it comes to what they need to wear and bring along for their session, but with Tess there was no need to do any of this.  She was told to bring 3 outfits and she styled them perfectly according to who she is.  She is young at heart and super funky!  I can honestly see why she is adored by her family.  I loved it when she said that her house is always open to her family & friends. She oozes with positivity and will not allow age to defy her.

Dear Tess, you are a super star and a darling.  I absolutely loved photographing you.  I can see why your family is so deeply in love with you.  Don’t ever let your fashion sense be influenced by the word “old”.  I love it that you stay true to who you are.

Much love,

Natasha xoxo

Ps:  Thank you to my make-up artist who I also consider a dear friend.  Your work is like always exceptional!  Rana Mos Make-up