Over 50 and Fabulous Photo Session


Yes, I’m talking to you, my fellow 50+ girls.

Although I love my age and have no problem growing older, I feel done in … I feel unrepresented and ignored by the fashion & beauty world.  Walking around shopping malls will show you exactly what I mean.  Hardly ever, or actually never do I see any 50+ model on billboards apart from the one or maybe 2 shops who do focus on older lady’s but even they use models in their 30’s!  We are being brain washed by the marketing media and fashion houses … we are unrepresented and therefore lead to believe that we are too old to even matter.  Actually, we are told NOTHING.  I sometimes wonder if companies like Zara, HM, Forever-New, Dotti, Valleygirl, Temt and Sheike to name but a few, think once you reach 50, life stops and so does your interest in fashion!  We still like to dress trendy with fashionable pieces relatable to our age and style.  We do love make-up, but would love to see it on a face representing us!

Unfortunately I find that a lot of 50+ ladies loose their fashion identity.  There is nothing out there that represents them.  No billboards to say: “We do cater for you”; no marketing material inviting her into the shop.  Nothing to say you do matter.  Don’t get me wrong, looks aren’t the beginning and end of everything, but it sure does feel good to look good.  There is a positivity that shines through once you feel good … once you are reminded that you too are valuable and can look beautiful.  You feel appreciated and important.  You feel noticed by the world.  You feel special and it gives you a boost of confidence.

Speaking to lots of women over 50 throughout the last couple of months made me realise that we need to take a stand.  We can change our own outlook and maybe the outlook of the fashion world.  So we first need to take care of us.  We need to say to ourselves that we are important and show the world the value of us as the #50plusandfabulous customer.

So, since I’m in my 50’s I want and need to do something for my age group to say #over50counts #over50areworthy #over50isbeautiful  You are gorgeous, you are worthy and YES, you are allowed to have beautiful portraiture of yourselves, wrinkles and all.

I want to add value to your life and give you a beautiful experience where you are treated and photographed like the #silvermodel you are. I’ve teamed up with Rana from @pinkmakeupartistry and we are focusing on the #over50 lady.  We want to pamper you with stunning make-up and hair.  Style you for the session and treat you with snacks and drinks.  Once you leave my studio, you will feel like the best and most beautiful version of yourself. I want to show you YOU through my eyes.

  This is such a great investment in your life and your family will treasure them for years to come.

I had to experience this first hand, and so a couple of weekends ago, we used our newly renovated studio for my session.  My experience was beyond my own expectations.  I am camera shy, but have gotten better since I’ve been “modelling” for my fashion Instagram blog where I share ideas on fashion for the over 50 ladies.  The hair & make-up was superbly done.  I felt like a true model.  I had an inner strength and proudness about my age.  I felt beautiful and worthy and I had loads of confidence throughout the session.  I felt SPECIAL, truly special.   For the first time in a very long time I loved being photographed.  I felt proud of myself.  Going through my images I loved what was staring back at me.  I uploaded one of these as my Facebook profile photo and when my hubby (my photographer) asked me what I liked about this one, I said I saw a lot of softness in the photo.  I saw someone with a soft & kind heart; I see strength shining from within and I see a powerful confident women.

I wish I could give this service for free to every single lady over 50!  You owe it to yourself to have beautiful portraiture!

Here is a couple images from my #rockingsilverage #beautifulsilveryears #modelforaday photo session.

Don’t delay, get in contact with me today to book your own session. You will not be disappointed.

Love, Natasha


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry