Mia’s Glamour Boudoir session

We dream about these kinds of things since we were little girls. We want to be Cinderella.

There is beauty in every woman. As a female photographer, I am sensitive about how woman see their bodies. I for one know I have a double chin and am very critical about it; especially in photographs. So that’s the 1st thing I see in every single photo of myself and yes, I actually now hear my kids say: “Mom, you are the only one who sees that double chin”. We truly are a strange species, don’t you agree! Us girls see things in our appearance which we hate and other people would not even notice this so called “flaw”. So this is where I come into the picture with my photography. I listen to what woman tell me they hate about their “flaws” and I make sure that those are hidden from the camera. I love editing, but I don’t edit your flaws away; I photograph you from the right angle in camera and then enhance the photo to make it pop. Inside every woman there is a beautiful butterfly, I truly believe that. (Cliche, I know … but its true!)

So what can I say about this shoot of beautiful Mia? She definitely is beautiful, no question about that. She is easy to photograph, relaxed and the camera adores her. But even with a beautiful girl like her one can get it wrong. If you don’t use the right angles it would definitely not compliment her. Even though people would think it an easy job to photograph a beautiful girl you as the photographer still need to know how to bring out the best in her. This just made me realise again how Deon and I value and benefit from our 15 years experience in weddings. Experience cannot be bought, you have to do the hard yards to get that experience. I definitely know how and where to find the beauty in woman of all shapes and sizes. I’ve done it many times.

So if you liked this shoot of Mia, contact me so that we can do a similar shoot of the beautiful YOU! More news about the launch of my Glamour Photography section will be available on my Blog and Facebook Page soon.