Life Your Way – Inspiring stories of Immigrant women


I want to share my journey … that is my Immigration Journey.

Since our move to Australia nearly 4 years ago I’ve received numerous Facebook messages from other people, especially women, who are curious to know how our whole immigration process came to life … how did we know it was the right time to make the move … what was the process like for me as a mother and wife … how do I experience life in another country … how do I handle missing my family … and many more similar questions.

I feel I have a story to share.

Maybe my story can help another person with his/her decision making, because lets be honest … MIGRATING is not for the faint hearted.  It did not happen without many tears.  It was not an easy decision … dare I say it was the most difficult decision in my life.

I’ve played around with the idea to share my story with others in my head for the last couple of years.  I honestly think there is a need for other people who might be in the same boat as many other immigrants to read about their immigration experience.  The experience of immigration is so different for each person … and that is just it … I’ve seen a lot of questions being asked on Facebook pages about this and I realized that there is no better time than NOW to share these stories with other people.  The thing with asking a question on Facebook is you will receive a wide variety of answers on that one question and that can make you even more unsure and scared.  So my idea of 3 years ago actually came to life in the last couple of months since we moved from Brisbane to Perth when more and more of those questions popped up on the Facebook groups.

I KNEW WHAT I WANTED AND HAVE TO DO … share lots and lots of stories of different women. 🙂

I’ve decided to choose 2 ladies every month for at least the next year to share their stories right here on my BLOG.  This way people can read about each lady’s experience and the way she handled the process.   The gorgeous Merise magazine wanted to come on board with this idea of mine. Suzette, editor of Merise, will choose stories from my blog to share in print with their readers …  isn’t that amazing!

So if you feel you have a story to share and want to be part of my Inspirational Immigrant Women Series, then please send me an email.  I will send you the PDF with all relevant information in regards to what I’m looking for.  There is no cut off date at this stage, so please take the time to read through the PDF and then write your story according to the pointers I’ve given you on the PDF.  There are many women out there who would love to read your story!

The chosen stories will each be treated to a gorgeous Personal PHOTO SESSION done by me and my husband.  You will receive 5 images on disk as a gift to you from me to say thank you for your time and your willingness of sharing with others.

My story will be the first feature in this series and it will be ready for sharing with the world next week, so keep an eye on my blog to read about my journey!

I hope that all the stories I will be sharing on my blog will inspire at least one person out there.  If I can accomplish this then I will be truly happy. 🙂

Until next week … MUCH LOVE

Natasha xxx

PS:  All photo sessions will take place in Perth, but any lady who is willing to share her story is eligible to participate.  The only problem would be that you would have to fly down on your own cost … but if you are coming to Perth for a visit then we can try (as far as possible) to fit you into our schedules for the photo session.