Karina’s Beautiful You Session

Today I’m sharing another gorgeous #over50andfabulous photo session on my blog. Meet Karina, a mother of 3 adult children who has a love for life, her family & friends.  A soft kind hearted fabulous lady who goes out of her way and takes the extra step for her loved ones. I asked Karina to be one of my models and I remember her words “I’m not feeling good about myself at this stage” so clearly.  And these words again just summarise what most 45+ ladies feel like.  Yes we are happy and yes we have so much to be thankful for, but we are definitely ignored and forgotten by the fashion world.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Karina had no choice but to play #modelforaday for my #over50isbeautiful campaign.  And how absolutely gorgeous does she look in these images.  What does these images say to me about her … fierce, kind, soft, happy, acknowledged, beautiful and definitely strong.

In Karina’s own words, she describes her experience:  “It was such a privilege to be asked by Natasha to be part of her vision of making woman (especially the over 45’s)  feel special again. I pursued this new venture with a nervousness and uncertainty burt was put at ease from the startup of the photoshoot thanks to her professionalism and warm personality. As the saying goes “The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others” reminds me of you Natasha!!  You made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful. Rana was amazing with my hair and make-up. Seeing myself in the mirror I felt like a blank canvas changing into a beautiful painting. Thank you Natasha & Rana for making me feel beautiful!”

So to my fellow over 45+ ladies;  you need to come and experience this for yourselves!  You need to capture beautiful portraiture of yourself for your family.  These images will be worth so much to your family!

Enjoy this gorgeous lady’s images.

Love, Natasha


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry

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