Desiree’s Soft & Stylish Portraiture session

As we as women age, we sometimes loose sight of how gorgeous we have become.  And I’m not only talking physical beauty, I’m talking about a soft heart, a soft touch and a soft word for people around us.  True beauty lies within a person. It is compassion, love and kindness towards others. Unfortunately the fashion world wants us to see their perspective on beauty and this then becomes what we measure ourselves against.  As we grow older we start to feel comfortable in our own skin and we should not really care about the world’s perspective on what true beauty is.  We see wrinkles appear on our faces and our friends faces and we actually fit in with this group, we are comfortable in our skin.  Then we sit back and we think about our wrinkles … and that is when we realise that those wrinkles are earned, they form part of our life story.  Some of those life stories would be out of this world fantastic and others would be normal stories, but we all earned them and we should love them. I believe that age is only a number, it does not define us! I have a passion to show older women how gorgeous they are.  They need to see what I see through my lens.  They need to see that they are loved, that they have lived a life and that they mean the world to people and loved ones around them.  They need to be reminded to love themselves just the way they are, because they are perfect!  For some reason the world forgets about women over 50 and I want to change this perspective.

Desiree is a client, but also became a friend of mine.  I met her the first time when I photographed a series on Inspirational immigrant women and her story spoke to me.  (You can read her story here.)  I see her as a beautiful strong women who loves life, loves her children and are happily married to the love of her life.  We also photographed her and Rob’s combined family when all the children came to visit last year December.  This gorgeous women is a granny can you believe it!  She is blessed with fantastic genes, but in all honesty, her softness shines through in her personality and that is what makes her beautiful.  A couple of months ago Des contacted me and said she wanted to do something special for her husband.  She wanted something soft and romantic with a touch of sexiness and she knew my style defines just that!  We started planning her photo session and I guided her with ideas on lingerie/clothing through Pinterest.  Her photos are divine to say the least.  I loved photographing her and love all her images.  Des send me such a beautiful message when she got back home, saying that this made her feel beautiful and special and that all women should do a session like this.  For me, her words were so touching and I felt really good that I have the ability to make a beautiful mature women feel beautiful and special.

I decided to call these shoots “Soft & Stylish Portraiture” since that is what this style defines.  Des was happy for me to share some of her images and I have to thank her for that!  She also send me photo’s of the 2 enlarged images on her walls and I felt super proud to see my work showcased on her walls.  #printyourwork 🙂

Love, Natasha


perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1986.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1990.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1992.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1988.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1991.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1998.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1995.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1987.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1999.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1997.jpg