Celebrating 25 years of Marriage and still going strong!

When we grow old, we want to do it with the one we love the most in this world!

Jacques & Karina recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and a photo session to celebrate this awesome milestone was the best idea.  Since I love photographing couples in natural light and they love the beach there was no better place to do this session.  It was a very windy , but gorgeous day.  The sunset was really beautiful 🙂  and that added to their perfect images!  I love how natural and relaxed they look in their photo’s.  I love it when a couple is really zoned into each other just like they were.  All I needed to do was to guide them, stand back and click away.

I find it amazing that most of the couples I know over 40 only have selfies and mobile phone images of themselves. Normally it’s when they drink coffee or have dinner or some sort of activity when the lighting is terrible and are only useful for facebook, instagram and twitter.  On top of that, when the kids are still at home, they make an effort to have beautiful professional family photos taken.  Once the nest is empty, no more photos.  We all owe it to ourselves to have proper professional images that captures how we have grown, and who we are as a couple at a certain point in time.  I suggest that couples do this regularly as these images will be fond memories to look back on in the future.  These images will be worth their weight in gold for our children and grandchildren.

Don’t wait, do it now … don’t find an excuse not to do it.  Find an excuse to do it.  Find an excuse to create everlasting memories which you will love.