Over 40’s

Karen’s Celebrating your Age session

When you meet women like Karen, you feel super inspired.

This stunning lady oozes with positivity and a lust for life.  She studied to become a nurse when she was in her 40’s and now is a qualified nurse who loves her job!  That is amazing.

Karen recently celebrated a very special birthday and wanted to celebrate her age with one of my beautiful styled studio sessions. I love it when women come in to the studio and allow us to add a little bit of our magic to their session.  She definitely is gorgeous and so we only had to enhance what was there already.   Welcome to our fab #over50 age group Karen, your best years is definitely here.

Thank you for being such an easy subject to photograph.  We sure did have great fun!




Styling:  Natasha

Make-up & Hair:  Rana

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Celebrating your Age – Desiree

When your subject is as beautiful inside as she is outside then you get THIS gorgeous end result.

I find that as we grow older we seem to forget to invest into certain things in our lives.  The one thing most of us don’t do/very seldom do, is a gorgeous photo session of ourself and our husband/partner.  We stop investing into professional portraiture when our kids leave home.  Why? … I came to the conclusion that we are very brainwashed by the advertising media.  We are bombarded by ad campaigns using young girls and couples and this way they are telling us that we don’t matter anymore.  I’ve noticed that hardly any of my friends and their friends ever arrange a photo session for themselves.

Us, the over 45 year young generation, need to celebrate our age, our lives and our husbands/partners.  We need to invest into our history and we need to leave something behind for our children and grand children to see how we celebrate life with all it’s ups and downs, wrinkles and all.  Celebrate milestones … wedding anniversaries, birthdays and friendships.  This year my hubby and I will be married 30 years.  On our 25th anniversary we arranged a photo session and this year we are doing the same.  This time around I’m going all out and having a dress made for the photo session.  Being a photographer in Joondalup, I have all the beautiful beaches surrounding me and so my options for locations is endless.

Anyway, back to my gorgeous couple … Desiree & Rob are a great couple who values beautiful portraiture.   They have a special wall in their house dedicated to showing their family history through photo’s. Each year they add more as their family grows larger.  Desiree, it was an honour to photograph your #celebratingyourage studio session.  You have a heart of gold and the smile of a cover girl.  Rob, you compliment Des in all her beauty and you 2 make a stunning couple.  Who would believe me if I said these 2 are the grandparents of 3 gorgeous little ones.

Dear blog reader, if you have not had any professional portraiture done for a while, you need to get in touch with me asap.  My glamour & portraiture studio is situated in Jindalee, in the northern suburbs of Perth.  It is so worth your while to add beautiful images to your history.

Much love,


Hair & Make-up: Rana Mos























Mary’s Celebrate your Age Photo session

Meet Mary, a gorgeous lady (and grandma) celebrating her fabulous age. She is a fashion insta-blogger who shares her beautiful style with her fellow 50+ girls.  She has great taste and a great eye for detail.  Mary is a great example of what I would describe as a classic beauty with lots of style & finesse.

We had an absolutely fabulous time with you Mary and I love your images.

Much love,




Hair & Make-up:  Rana Mos









Laetitia & Amanda’s mother & daugther session

I love it when people see the value of being photographed.

Laetitia gave me a call to book a session for herself and her daughter, Amanda. Both are celebrating special birthdays and as Laetitia put it, these are milestones that needs to be celebrated and photographed. This gorgeous mom will be turning 50 and Amanda just celebrated her 21st birthday.

Thank you for letting us be part of such a special time in your lives. We enjoyed dressing you up and love the end result!

Happy birthday to both of you 🙂


Hair & Make-up: Rana Mos
















“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she shows and the beauty of a woman only grows with passing years.” – Audrey Hepburn

If ever a quote describes someone perfectly, this one is it! Maxeen is a stunning 79 year young wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother and a fantastic friend to all her friends. She is kind hearted, soft, gentle and always goes out of her way to help anyone in need. When I look at her, I see the light that shines from within, the inner beauty.

What I loved the most about this specific photo session was to see Maxeen blossom in front of my lens. She sparkled in every way possible. The next day she phoned me to share how her day turned out after she left my Perth studio. Her husband is in a care facility and so she went to visit him. He did not recognise her at first and when he realised it was her he could not take his eyes off her. He calls her his model now! She said she caught him every couple of minutes just staring at her. All he wanted to do was take her out for dinner and show her off to the world! This made me tear up … and this is exactly why I have this passion to show every woman over 45 that she is deserving, she is beautiful and she has a light within that shines like a bright star. It’s just that sometimes we, as the over 45 group of women, forget about ourselves and then our light becomes dimmer and dimmer because we are so focused on everyone’s happiness around us.

No words can really describe Maxine’s beauty, so I’ll let the images do the talking.

Thank you Maxeen for allowing me to photograph you in your beautiful silver years. You truly are a remarkable woman and I’m pretty sure your family is so in love with you and so proud of you.


Natasha xoxo

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Hair & Make-up:  Pink Makeup Artistry


Sharing a little behind the scenes of her gorgeous session.











Karina’s Beautiful You Session

Today I’m sharing another gorgeous #over50andfabulous photo session on my blog. Meet Karina, a mother of 3 adult children who has a love for life, her family & friends.  A soft kind hearted fabulous lady who goes out of her way and takes the extra step for her loved ones. I asked Karina to be one of my models and I remember her words “I’m not feeling good about myself at this stage” so clearly.  And these words again just summarise what most 45+ ladies feel like.  Yes we are happy and yes we have so much to be thankful for, but we are definitely ignored and forgotten by the fashion world.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago Karina had no choice but to play #modelforaday for my #over50isbeautiful campaign.  And how absolutely gorgeous does she look in these images.  What does these images say to me about her … fierce, kind, soft, happy, acknowledged, beautiful and definitely strong.

In Karina’s own words, she describes her experience:  “It was such a privilege to be asked by Natasha to be part of her vision of making woman (especially the over 45’s)  feel special again. I pursued this new venture with a nervousness and uncertainty burt was put at ease from the startup of the photoshoot thanks to her professionalism and warm personality. As the saying goes “The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others” reminds me of you Natasha!!  You made me feel completely comfortable and beautiful. Rana was amazing with my hair and make-up. Seeing myself in the mirror I felt like a blank canvas changing into a beautiful painting. Thank you Natasha & Rana for making me feel beautiful!”

So to my fellow over 45+ ladies;  you need to come and experience this for yourselves!  You need to capture beautiful portraiture of yourself for your family.  These images will be worth so much to your family!

Enjoy this gorgeous lady’s images.

Love, Natasha


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry

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Anke’s Beautiful You Session

“I believe inner beauty is beauty in it’s truest form. When we nurture ourselves, it brings an inevitable, positive transformation.” – Paula Abdul

Meet Anke, a beautiful friend with a passion for art.

If you’ve read my previous entry, you will know that I’m on a mission to change the view of how the fashion and marketing and we, the over 45 ladies, see ourselves.  We need a voice and people who represents us in fashion. We need to start by first treating ourselves the right way and a great way to do that is to treat yourself with a #over50andfabulous #modelforaday photo session. Anke who is also a friend was my 1st model. I asked Anke to share her experience in a few words.

Anke says: “When Natasha asked me for the photo shoot I was chuffed because she is such an amazing photographer, but in my heart I was hesitant as well because I’m not comfortable in front of a camera.  I would lie if I say I was not nervous the day of the shoot. But it was such a treat to arrive at Natasha’s studio, having my make-up and hair done by the fabulous Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry.  What I liked about Rana is she was sharing her makeup tricks and suggesting different products and options.  The shoot was fun! Especially our friends shoot with Karina, Natasha and myself.  Lots of laughs and giggles.  Thank you Tash for a lovely experience.  The photos tell the story.  I felt beautiful.”

Thank you Anke, you looked amazing!


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Make-up Artistry

Styling:  Natasha










Over 50 and Fabulous Photo Session


Yes, I’m talking to you, my fellow 50+ girls.

Although I love my age and have no problem growing older, I feel done in … I feel unrepresented and ignored by the fashion & beauty world.  Walking around shopping malls will show you exactly what I mean.  Hardly ever, or actually never do I see any 50+ model on billboards apart from the one or maybe 2 shops who do focus on older lady’s but even they use models in their 30’s!  We are being brain washed by the marketing media and fashion houses … we are unrepresented and therefore lead to believe that we are too old to even matter.  Actually, we are told NOTHING.  I sometimes wonder if companies like Zara, HM, Forever-New, Dotti, Valleygirl, Temt and Sheike to name but a few, think once you reach 50, life stops and so does your interest in fashion!  We still like to dress trendy with fashionable pieces relatable to our age and style.  We do love make-up, but would love to see it on a face representing us!

Unfortunately I find that a lot of 50+ ladies loose their fashion identity.  There is nothing out there that represents them.  No billboards to say: “We do cater for you”; no marketing material inviting her into the shop.  Nothing to say you do matter.  Don’t get me wrong, looks aren’t the beginning and end of everything, but it sure does feel good to look good.  There is a positivity that shines through once you feel good … once you are reminded that you too are valuable and can look beautiful.  You feel appreciated and important.  You feel noticed by the world.  You feel special and it gives you a boost of confidence.

Speaking to lots of women over 50 throughout the last couple of months made me realise that we need to take a stand.  We can change our own outlook and maybe the outlook of the fashion world.  So we first need to take care of us.  We need to say to ourselves that we are important and show the world the value of us as the #50plusandfabulous customer.

So, since I’m in my 50’s I want and need to do something for my age group to say #over50counts #over50areworthy #over50isbeautiful  You are gorgeous, you are worthy and YES, you are allowed to have beautiful portraiture of yourselves, wrinkles and all.

I want to add value to your life and give you a beautiful experience where you are treated and photographed like the #silvermodel you are. I’ve teamed up with Rana from @pinkmakeupartistry and we are focusing on the #over50 lady.  We want to pamper you with stunning make-up and hair.  Style you for the session and treat you with snacks and drinks.  Once you leave my studio, you will feel like the best and most beautiful version of yourself. I want to show you YOU through my eyes.

  This is such a great investment in your life and your family will treasure them for years to come.

I had to experience this first hand, and so a couple of weekends ago, we used our newly renovated studio for my session.  My experience was beyond my own expectations.  I am camera shy, but have gotten better since I’ve been “modelling” for my fashion Instagram blog where I share ideas on fashion for the over 50 ladies.  The hair & make-up was superbly done.  I felt like a true model.  I had an inner strength and proudness about my age.  I felt beautiful and worthy and I had loads of confidence throughout the session.  I felt SPECIAL, truly special.   For the first time in a very long time I loved being photographed.  I felt proud of myself.  Going through my images I loved what was staring back at me.  I uploaded one of these as my Facebook profile photo and when my hubby (my photographer) asked me what I liked about this one, I said I saw a lot of softness in the photo.  I saw someone with a soft & kind heart; I see strength shining from within and I see a powerful confident women.

I wish I could give this service for free to every single lady over 50!  You owe it to yourself to have beautiful portraiture!

Here is a couple images from my #rockingsilverage #beautifulsilveryears #modelforaday photo session.

Don’t delay, get in contact with me today to book your own session. You will not be disappointed.

Love, Natasha


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry















The Beauty of Age

As we grow older we definitely grow wiser and start to realise that beauty is not what the world, especially the fashion world, wants us to see as true and real beauty.  We see beauty in everything and everyone around us.  We start to enjoy life the way it was intended.  We look at women from all ages and we see the beauty they have within them and the beauty that shines from them.  We see happy mothers, wives and grandmothers.

We don’t focus on ourselves, but we focus on everyone around us.  We tend to forget about ourselves in some way;  everyone else’s needs and wants comes before ours.  We don’t take the time to do something like a beautiful portrait session for ourselves.  We put everyone and everything else first in our life.  In my conversations with women over 40, I find that they hardly have any resent beautiful images of themselves.  I’m not talking the quick iphone photo or the selfies with their partner or children, I’m talking a beautiful planned styled portrait session.  We as women (and I include myself in this) need to take the time to dress up, do our hair & make-up and contribute to our family history by taking the time to book a portrait session.  I value photo’s of my family, parents and friends and see these as very important pieces contributing to my life story and our family history.  An image definitely speaks a thousand words and family members will treasure them forever.

All women deserve to see their beauty the way people around them see their beauty.  That is where my job comes in.  I love showing all women, but especially mature women how gorgeous they are.  I love seeing their faces light up when they see their own beauty in the images.  When they see what I see and what their family see.  I love being part of this journey!

Marche is one of my fellow Bible study group friends.  She actually leads our Bible study and contributes tremendously to our church and the community.  She always has a smile on her face and always welcomes anyone with an open heart and open arms.  She has the ability to make you feel  straight at home and loved.  I wanted to photograph her and so asked her to be my model for this session. Although she was not 100% sure about it, she gave 100% during the session.  The first comment I always here from people are that they are no model so hopefully I won’t find it to hard to photograph them.  This was no different for Marche.  But this is the part I love, because this is where I show people that they are gorgeous and the camera definitely loves them.  I love to give my sessions a touch of glamour.  I think Marche looks absolutely stunning in these images and am so happy to share these with the world out there.

Thanks Marche for taking the time to come and “dress up” with me.  You are one beautiful lady.









Cindy’s glamour photo session and her story



I like to post meaningfull stories that can help others.  I find Cindy’s journey fascinating.  She pushed through her circumstances and has a truly inspiring story to tell.

Cindy’s Story:

I was raised in a home with an alcoholic father who was also very cruel and violent when he was drinking and by a mother who showed no affection towards any of her five children.  I was also sexually abused by the neighbour’s teenage son for four years until we moved out next to the highway where my father built a little shop and sold petrol.  All us children had to work in the shop when we weren’t at school.  I was the eldest and at the age of 18, I “escaped” and joined the Air Force.  I did my training in Adelaide, was posted to Sydney and finally Darwin, where I found myself pregnant and having to be discharged after serving three years.  Here I was in Darwin with a new born baby and no job, and nowhere to live.  The father of my child had left and gone back to Sydney.  I met a lady in the maternity ward who offered that I go and stay with her…a two bedroom flat with us two mums and six children, two of which were new borns.  I slept in a double bed with three young children who were constantly wetting the bed.  It was not fun but I was able to go to work at night doing office cleaning . This was back in 1969 and there were no Single Parent Benefits.  I had no choice but to find work and it was only possible because the lady I shared the flat with looked after my baby girl at night while I was working. Four months later I was enticed back to Sydney to be a “happy” family again.  However, after several affairs by my partner, I finally made the break and got myself a one room flat and a job in Ingham’s Poultry gutting 7000 poultry every day.  Saved enough money to buy a little car for $600, and was able to place my daughter in a child minding center.

When you come from a background like mine, you tend to think that any affection given is real love.  I was married two years later in 1971, and was drawn to the excitement of moving to Karratha in the Pilbara where we were given a beautiful four bedroom two bathroom home for $6 a week. We were some of the first people to move into Karratha which was part of Dampier Mining.  My marriage only lasted ten months, and after a job as a housekeeper in the only business in town, being the hotel, I saved enough money to get myself and my daughter to Perth.  I arrived on a bus with $80 in my pocket and found a flat in Highgate, walked into the city and registered for work.  With the first interview I went to, the Manager was an ex Air force officer and was pleased to be able to employ someone who was ex Air force as well.  They trained us well!

I had two very good jobs over the next eleven years and married again in 1983 but once again was divorced in 1987.  This time around, and with enough money saved up, I bought myself a home outright. So I was financially secure but there was always something missing and certainly love was not filling that hole, or what I thought was love at the time. Then in 1989, at the age of 42, I was able to fulfill that missing sense of peace in my life by a chance invitation to go to a church and listen to a lady give her life story.  Her journey was very similar to mine, and that night I made the decision to become a Christian and my life changed dramatically. I cannot describe the joy and peace that was in my life after this event.  Life will always send you challenges but with God as your Father, it is so much easier to navigate the paths of healing.  A year later I lost my mum in a car accident in which it was the driver’s fault.  I was devastated, but I came through it all with the support I received from friends around me and my church family.

The years since then have been full of adventure, excitement and most of all real love.  Firstly by God and then in 1995 I married my husband David.  We have been on this amazing journey together for the past 21 years. My daughter grew up, got married and had three beautiful sons, who we adore and who also adore us.  My grandchildren are a very big part of our lives, even at the age of 18, 16, and 14.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  I had the lump removed at the time, and early this year 2016, I chose to have a double mastectomy.

How did you feel when you were told you have cancer:

Best to say I felt a little numb at first, but once the date for the operation was set I had no fear or anxiety and I knew everything was going to be OK.

How did David and your family handle the news:
At first, David felt helpless, for all he wanted to do was fix it!!  An acquaintance of his came to see him who had also gone through Breast Cancer with his wife.  He explained to David that he couldn’t do anything except to be there for me.  He wasn’t expected to “fix it”.  The feeling of wanting to “fix you” is quite common with family members who just want to see you well.

Did you feel any differently about your body and your appearance:
No, not at all.  As the operation was only a lumpectomy at that stage, my scars didn’t bother me.  After three months of recovery and ten days on Rottnest Island, I started three and a half weeks of Radiation.  Except for the hassle of travelling to the Cancer unit every weekday, I made the most of it.  I had a few girlfriends on a roster to come with me, and we went for lunch afterwards or did some girly shopping. The cancer unit in Perth is brand new and a beautiful building with lots of glass walls to see the gardens and trees and the staff amazing.  The procedure would take about 15 minutes and is a little like having an X-ray.  Not invasive at all.  I only experienced a little side effect like sunburn on the affected breast.

Did you have chemo and how did that affect you and Dave?
No, I didn’t have to have Chemo, as my lump was detected early.  A good reason why every girl should have their mammograms regularly.  Every year if it is in the family and also with an ultrasound.  Some Breast Cancers are only detected on either Mammogram or Ultrasound.

Did you feel alone during this time and did you feel angry at God?
No, not at all. I had heaps of support from everywhere.  The girls at church cooked us meals for six weeks.  I know God is my Father and has my best interests at heart.  I understand that we live in a fallen world where sickness and pain is NOT from HIM!!

How did you handle your own feelings during this time:
I can honestly say I had no fear or worry. Love conquers all and I had that over flowing in my life.

Was it an easy decision to have your breasts removed:
Yes, there was no hesitation.  My youngest sister was diagnosed in October 2015 and two weeks later my middle sister with the same.  As soon as I heard this, my immediate reaction was to go ahead and have a double mastectomy. After speaking with my Doctor and Specialist I felt that it was the best decision to make.

How did you feel after the operation:
I never had any doubt that I made the right decision, and still don’t.  I felt relieved that it was all over and done with.

Did you feel any different about your body:
No, not at all.  The medical procedures have changed so much, and I was left with my skin and nipples.  I only had the breast tissue removed.  This allows for reconstruction several months later after the wounds had healed.

Did and do you struggle to find lingerie after the operation:
So far I haven’t had to wear a bra, and loving it.  I had the reconstruction done in July and there is still some tenderness around the area.  The Cancer Council do have somewhere you can go and get fitted but I haven’t looked into that as yet.

Do you think society are informed enough about cancer:
No, I don’t think so.  I feel that I can use my experience to help others and encourage other women to go and have their regular checks.  If Breast Cancer is detected early there is generally a full recovery.  My youngest sister did not have any mammograms, even after I was diagnosed.  When she was finally diagnosed, it was all too late.  She passed away in April of this year, only five months after being diagnosed. I had to get quite angry with my other sister to persuade her to go and have a check-up.  She was stunned when she told me that she also had Breast Cancer.  Her doctor told her that she had dodged a bullet, and had me to thank that she finally listened.  Her final diagnosis was early stage, but with no private health cover, has no financial means to have a mastectomy.

Did you feel alone when you had to make the decision to have your breasts removed:
All my family was very supportive, and nobody in the medical profession was against my decision.  In fact, I found out that my GP had also made the decision after she was diagnosed ten years earlier.

Do you feel you had enough help and info with this whole process:
Yes, once I had made the decision, I did.  Before, during my lumpectomy, I was not given any information about having a mastectomy.  I wonder if it had been discussed if I would have gone ahead and had it done earlier.  When you are diagnosed there is a huge amount of material/info provided to you.  You are told of different avenues that you can access, be it counselling, or support in areas such as financial.

How do you feel about yourself now:
I don’t feel any different than before, except for a little tenderness that will eventually go away.

Do you feel that your body is scared for life and how do you handle any thoughts about this:
I am a very positive person, and my scars do not bother me.  My surgery was done by a plastic surgeon and the scars will eventually fade.  I feel privileged to be a Breast Cancer survivor, as there are many that are not.

Do you feel you struggle to buy any clothing:
No, because of the way the reconstruction was done, there is only a scar to show and my breasts look and feel no different now to how they were before surgery.

I turn 70 years old next year, and feel I have so much more to accomplish.  I love life and I love God.  I wouldn’t change anything!!!