Glamour & Boudoir

Tess – Beautiful at 87

Beauty definitely comes with age … you only have to look at Tess to agree with my statement.  She is a stunner.

Only 87 year young and still have a zest for life.  She is a grandmother with a heart of gold.  She is genuine, compassionate, caring and definitely loving.  Within 5 minutes of meeting her, it felt like I knew her for years.  She is super fashionable (was the owner of her on boutique for years) and will not let age get in the way of expressing her style & beauty.   I normally have to guide women when it comes to what they need to wear and bring along for their session, but with Tess there was no need to do any of this.  She was told to bring 3 outfits and she styled them perfectly according to who she is.  She is young at heart and super funky!  I can honestly see why she is adored by her family.  I loved it when she said that her house is always open to her family & friends. She oozes with positivity and will not allow age to defy her.

Dear Tess, you are a super star and a darling.  I absolutely loved photographing you.  I can see why your family is so deeply in love with you.  Don’t ever let your fashion sense be influenced by the word “old”.  I love it that you stay true to who you are.

Much love,

Natasha xoxo

Ps:  Thank you to my make-up artist who I also consider a dear friend.  Your work is like always exceptional!  Rana Mos Make-up 


Beautiful Perth Maternity session – Charlotte

I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some studio maternity photography with specific ideas in mind.  I must admit, I’m very happy with how Charlotte’s #perthmaternity session turned out.  I love working with Rana, who really and truly does the best make-overs ever.

Thank you Charlotte for giving up some Saturday time for this session.  I enjoyed working with you.

Much love

Natasha xoxo

MAUH:  Rana Moss Makeup

Model:  Charlotte

Styling:  Me

Laetitia & Amanda’s mother & daugther session

I love it when people see the value of being photographed.

Laetitia gave me a call to book a session for herself and her daughter, Amanda. Both are celebrating special birthdays and as Laetitia put it, these are milestones that needs to be celebrated and photographed. This gorgeous mom will be turning 50 and Amanda just celebrated her 21st birthday.

Thank you for letting us be part of such a special time in your lives. We enjoyed dressing you up and love the end result!

Happy birthday to both of you 🙂


Hair & Make-up: Rana Mos















Mia’s Glamour Boudoir session

We dream about these kinds of things since we were little girls. We want to be Cinderella.

There is beauty in every woman. As a female photographer, I am sensitive about how woman see their bodies. I for one know I have a double chin and am very critical about it; especially in photographs. So that’s the 1st thing I see in every single photo of myself and yes, I actually now hear my kids say: “Mom, you are the only one who sees that double chin”. We truly are a strange species, don’t you agree! Us girls see things in our appearance which we hate and other people would not even notice this so called “flaw”. So this is where I come into the picture with my photography. I listen to what woman tell me they hate about their “flaws” and I make sure that those are hidden from the camera. I love editing, but I don’t edit your flaws away; I photograph you from the right angle in camera and then enhance the photo to make it pop. Inside every woman there is a beautiful butterfly, I truly believe that. (Cliche, I know … but its true!)

So what can I say about this shoot of beautiful Mia? She definitely is beautiful, no question about that. She is easy to photograph, relaxed and the camera adores her. But even with a beautiful girl like her one can get it wrong. If you don’t use the right angles it would definitely not compliment her. Even though people would think it an easy job to photograph a beautiful girl you as the photographer still need to know how to bring out the best in her. This just made me realise again how Deon and I value and benefit from our 15 years experience in weddings. Experience cannot be bought, you have to do the hard yards to get that experience. I definitely know how and where to find the beauty in woman of all shapes and sizes. I’ve done it many times.

So if you liked this shoot of Mia, contact me so that we can do a similar shoot of the beautiful YOU! More news about the launch of my Glamour Photography section will be available on my Blog and Facebook Page soon.














Alesia’s Boudoir session

Style and class … this is how I see this fantastic shoot with the gorgeous Alesia.

I wanted to do a Stylish and classy boudoir shoot … images which can be displayed in your living room and not only the bedroom. I had a Vogue high class shoot in mind. Lots of black & white images and red lips. Big curls and classy lingerie. Killer heels and fishnet stockings … and then, to top it off, a classy lady with lots of attitude in the form of Alesia.  The end result is exactly what I envisioned. I love it … I actually really LOVE it. Alesia is a professional hairdresser and make-up artist and therefore did her own hair and make-up according to what I had in mind for her shoot. She did a tremendous job! We had so much fun with her shoot.

I received such a great message from her after she saw her images. Her words: “ Wow, had a look at the photos and wow, wow, wow. You have an unique style, one of the best that I have seen. I had the best time!”

So if you want to experience what Alesia experienced then you need to make a booking so that we can start planning your stylish Boudoir shoot.

Much love

Xxx Natasha





























Desiree’s Soft & Stylish Portraiture session

As we as women age, we sometimes loose sight of how gorgeous we have become.  And I’m not only talking physical beauty, I’m talking about a soft heart, a soft touch and a soft word for people around us.  True beauty lies within a person. It is compassion, love and kindness towards others. Unfortunately the fashion world wants us to see their perspective on beauty and this then becomes what we measure ourselves against.  As we grow older we start to feel comfortable in our own skin and we should not really care about the world’s perspective on what true beauty is.  We see wrinkles appear on our faces and our friends faces and we actually fit in with this group, we are comfortable in our skin.  Then we sit back and we think about our wrinkles … and that is when we realise that those wrinkles are earned, they form part of our life story.  Some of those life stories would be out of this world fantastic and others would be normal stories, but we all earned them and we should love them. I believe that age is only a number, it does not define us! I have a passion to show older women how gorgeous they are.  They need to see what I see through my lens.  They need to see that they are loved, that they have lived a life and that they mean the world to people and loved ones around them.  They need to be reminded to love themselves just the way they are, because they are perfect!  For some reason the world forgets about women over 50 and I want to change this perspective.

Desiree is a client, but also became a friend of mine.  I met her the first time when I photographed a series on Inspirational immigrant women and her story spoke to me.  (You can read her story here.)  I see her as a beautiful strong women who loves life, loves her children and are happily married to the love of her life.  We also photographed her and Rob’s combined family when all the children came to visit last year December.  This gorgeous women is a granny can you believe it!  She is blessed with fantastic genes, but in all honesty, her softness shines through in her personality and that is what makes her beautiful.  A couple of months ago Des contacted me and said she wanted to do something special for her husband.  She wanted something soft and romantic with a touch of sexiness and she knew my style defines just that!  We started planning her photo session and I guided her with ideas on lingerie/clothing through Pinterest.  Her photos are divine to say the least.  I loved photographing her and love all her images.  Des send me such a beautiful message when she got back home, saying that this made her feel beautiful and special and that all women should do a session like this.  For me, her words were so touching and I felt really good that I have the ability to make a beautiful mature women feel beautiful and special.

I decided to call these shoots “Soft & Stylish Portraiture” since that is what this style defines.  Des was happy for me to share some of her images and I have to thank her for that!  She also send me photo’s of the 2 enlarged images on her walls and I felt super proud to see my work showcased on her walls.  #printyourwork 🙂

Love, Natasha


perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1986.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1990.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1992.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1988.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1991.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1998.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1995.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1987.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1999.jpg perth-portrait-photographer-natashadupreez-photography_1997.jpg


“You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of you life” – Coco Chanel

I love photographing women; especially older women. I love to show them what I see and not what they might see. As we grow older we definitely become more relaxed and comfortable with ourselves and all our bumps, lumps and wrinkles. But we can also get caught up in how the world wants us to grow older. Growing older gracefully is such a blessing! Every wrinkle has earned it’s right and definitely has some awesome stories to share.

In the last couple of years I realised that a lot of women over 40 (and that includes me!) don’t have recent gorgeous professional photos of themselves. Yes, there are loads of awkward selfies photographed from the wrong angle making us look like jelly fish; but there are very few (if any) showing our grace and beauty. We all need to feel beautiful and we all need to be loved and love ourselves and so a great way of doing just that is to come and visit me for a gorgeous photo session.

Karina and her hubby recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and so there was no better time than now to have beautiful portraits of her celebrating this beautiful stage of her life. She definitely shines from within with her beautiful mind, heart and soul. And to top it all off she was definitely blessed with gorgeous looks. I first photographed Karina in the studio, but I do have a love for natural light and outdoor photo sessions, so the next part of her session was done down at the beach. Although it was terribly windy, Karina kept her cool and I got the chance to capture her in all her glory with a stunning result.

In Karina’s own words; “this was so out of my comfort zone, but so special and so worth it”.




















Meet Annari, mother of 2 gorgeous daughters who keeps her and her husband busy and on their toes like most primary school children will do.

Sometimes us moms (and that includes me!) need some time alone and a reminder of how gorgeous we are … and so a photo session like this does wonders 🙂 We need to feel special and see how special we are. We need to spend time and money on ourselves … we owe it to ourselves. We are hardly any models, but believe me, you will feel like a model once you have taken the time to do something special like this. I have such an admiration for mothers (that admiration started with my mom) … we give so much of ourselves and we tend to put ourselves last in line. AND that is what makes moms special people 🙂

So take some time out and so something special.  You will love your images and your family will have this piece of gold and cherish it for years and years.










Inspirational Immigrant Women – Meet Desiree


This is the 3rd story in my series on Inspirational Immigrant Women – Life your Way.

Meet beautiful Desiree 🙂


I’ve always joked with my family that I could write a book about my journey, and now that I’ve come through the other end of it, it’s great to share my experience.  Although there were many challenges, especially emotionally when first moving to Australia, more than that was a solid determination and perseverance;  I knew from the start that God in His infinite wisdom was in control.



But let me start at the beginning … the time when I decided to make the move!  

It was February 2006 … I was in the throes of a divorce and going through a tough time but was excited about a trip I had booked to visit my eldest son who was turning 21 and living in Dubai.  The plan was to then spend a few weeks in Perth to visit my eldest sister Charmaine and her family (they emigrated from Zimbabwe in 1994).  Ten days before I was due to fly, a girlfriend and I were attacked outside her home in Pretoria.  I was hit over the head with a shifting spanner and was thought to be dead.  My friend had a fractured cheek bone and a black eye … we were both lucky to escape with our lives. I was also fortunate enough to be cleared by the doctors to be allowed to fly!

Around my third last day in Perth, my sister and I were chatting when I said to her “let’s do this!”.  We knew that if I came over to AUS, it would also be the only way to get my folks over as two thirds of their children would then be here (we are three girls).


Decision made, we started speaking to people – a migration agent said my case would be very difficult if tackled without help as I had no formal education as a Personal Assistant.  I could in no way afford his fees so we decided to give it a go on our own anyway.  On my return to Pretoria there were mixed emotions … my family were supportive, friends apprehensive, but nonetheless, were pursued.  A good friend of my sisters whom I had met in Perth, sent me a link on for a PA position in Denmark (near Albany).  I had no clue of the distance to Perth all I could see from Google was that it was near the sea … who doesn’t want to live by the sea, right 🙂  My CV attracted interest from the business owner (a real estate agency) and I was so excited when he asked if I could come to Australia for an interview!!  To this day I still don’t know how I got the money together to return to Australia, but as I said, I knew God was in control.


Arriving back in Perth in July, I had 2 interviews lined up, one for a job in Norseman managing a hotel, and the one in Denmark – I got both jobs!!  Denmark to me was the obvious choice.  My soon to be sponsor, Peter, is a vibrant go getter with infectious energy.  We got on tremendously from day one.  Now that I had made the decision I was excited and terrified all at once. How was I going to say goodbye … was I doing the right thing … what if my visa didn’t get approved once in AUS … what if I couldn’t get my youngest son in … what if we couldn’t get my folks in????  I also had a new love interest … what if he didn’t want to come with me!?

We filled in all the necessary paperwork (piles of it!) before I left to go back to Pretoria, South Africa, and submitted it.  Back then they were desperate for regional workers so we were assured the visa would most likely be granted. In faith I sold up what little I had.  The only piece of furniture I kept was an antique Rhodesian Teak hall stand – other than that thirteen boxes in total summed up my whole life.


My visa was granted late October 2006, this in itself a miracle due to my lack of formal training on paper!  My flight was booked for November 3rd 2006 and I was terrified.  I felt like I was on a roller coaster hurtling forward and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be on it or just wake up one morning and wish everything was back to normal!!  So much to organize; too many goodbyes and NO guarantees!!

I arrived in Perth on a Friday to much fanfare from my family here.  They made me feel special and my sister and her husband were proud of what I had achieved … so was I 🙂  On the Sunday we trundled down to Denmark – my stuff was still in transit, but due to the generosity of people my sister knew, I had a bedroom suite, tiny TV, pine dining suite, a bookshelf, a salmon pink couch, some towels, crockery, cutlery and my suitcase of clothes.  On the Monday we drove to Albany, bought some basics (kettle, toaster, fridge) and on Tuesday morning I started work and my sister and her hubby drove back to Perth.  She said afterwards I cast a very small lonely figure as they drove away.  Reality check – big time!


Of course, things were different, very different!  From being paid fortnightly to putting in my own fuel and learning a new job, right down to the freezing Denmark weather (it was November for goodness sakes!) and wondering where all the burglar bars were!!  Even the garbage collection was a lesson in itself … a kind neighbour explained that I could not leave my folded boxes next to the refuse-bin as it would not be collected.  I had to cut them all up! (Serious??!!)  He proceeded to help out – it turned out he and his wife were from Cape Town, they were an amazing couple who took me under their wing – we are still firm friends today.


My youngest son, Ian, came to visit me in February 2007, we started searching for a sponsor right away.  This process took ten months and meant he had to leave the country twice to re- validate his tourist visa.  I was very thankful for financial support supplied by my sister and brother-in-law!!!  In South Africa Ian was a second year mechanic, after much searching, a company in Albany finally took him in (owned by South Africans) and I could breathe a sigh of relief!.


In between the everyday “normal stuff” was the loneliness … let’s just say that my phone bill was enough to take up a week’s wage in the beginning and I reckon I just about had shares in the local bottle shop!  My poor sister would regularly be consoling me down the phone line over a glass of wine or three!  I did make some friends, many of whom I still stay in touch with today.  I attended the local Baptist church on occasion (I found it radically different to the charismatic church I had attended in Pretoria) and worked extra hours, but the loneliness was there at the end of every day and most weekends too.  To alleviate the cycle every six weeks or so I’d make the four hour journey to Perth, arriving all excited on a Friday night and leaving in tears and with a knot in my stomach Sunday lunchtime … it was awful but I have always been a very determined person, and so we persevered.


There was light at the end of the tunnel 🙂  Our permanent residency was granted in December 2008.  Pete (my boss) had taken the office staff for a drink at the local pub, it was my birthday (22nd) and my phone rang around 5pm.  The lady congratulated me and said ours was the last visa granted for the year!!  We were ecstatic, it meant we could apply for my folks to come over!!  We did this without hesitation – more piles of forms, but it was so worth it!


And so we continued … Ian on a high loving his job, his new friends, and he was amazed at the freedom that living in Australia offered a young man who previously couldn’t afford to do much!  I was still lonely but it had become a part of me.  I was eternally grateful for where I was but looking forward to the day my four year regional ‘duties’ came to an end so I could move to “the big smoke” (Perth), and get a life!


Pete made the decision in January 2009 to sell up and move to Perth … I was devastated!  He sold the business to two of my colleagues and I was “part of the contract”.   They were not allowed to fire me.  Things weren’t so good for me at this stage – instead of using my skills that Pete valued, I was made receptionist come girl Friday and very subtly made to feel “you are only here because we can’t get rid of you”.  Trips to Perth became more frequent and tears flowed almost daily.  I felt trapped but had no choice until 2010 when I could leave the regional area … I didn’t know how I was going to make it.  The immigration department was no help – not giving me a direct ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when asked if I was allowed to find another sponsor.  But thankfully relief did come – in the form of another real estate agent in Mandurah.  I felt “saved”!  I think it was around March 2009 when I moved to Mandurah … Ian chose to continue his career in Albany.


This is when things finally started to turn – I was lonely but I had found more peace within myself.  Work was great, the weather was awesome and my sister was only a forty minute drive away and I wasn’t sponsoring the bottle shop as much!! !!  I knew great things were about to happen.

By that stage, my boyfriend in South Africa, despite visits to and fro and thousands of Skype dates was clearly never going to make the move, so we called it quits late 2009 and I was heartbroken.



Roll on 2010, the most exciting year in my story so far!!  My brother-in-law opened up his own real estate office in Leeming, which is South of the river in Perth.  He had been in real estate for eight years by then, and as I had been in the industry since 2006, I was the easy choice to be his office administrator … so I finally made it to Perth!!!  I was beyond happy and excited!  We opened the office in that May, just a few months shy of my four year “sentence” (which is what it felt like!!)


By this time my sister was encouraging me to register on E-harmony (an internet dating website) – it was time I “found someone” she said.

I registered on the website on a Saturday morning in June and a day later received a “nudge” from Rob.  We met in person a week later and fell in love!!  Rob had his own story of tragedy, losing his wife to cancer only a short time before we met.  Together we have found happiness again and along with our six children (all young adults) and two beautiful granddaughters we count ourselves extremely blessed.


In 2011, just two weeks before Rob and I got married, my parents arrived in Perth too.  I had finally found peace and happiness – God had granted me a wonderful Christian husband, a new family and allowed my parents to be here to witness it all.

My middle sister arrived in Perth in 2012.  She is currently awaiting her “last remaining relative” visa.  We are also searching for a sponsor for my eldest son who still lives in Dubai but is now married to an Afrikaans girl and has given us a beautiful granddaughter.

As with my own journey this far, I need to constantly remind myself that God is in control, He holds us in His hands and by His grace we can hope that my son will eventually get here and the immediate family circle will be complete. 🙂


I asked Desiree to share her photo session experience with you all and this is what she had to say about her fantastic day …

Thank you Deon and Natasha for making my photographic experience a truly wonderful one!  I was nervous and not sure what to expect, but within minutes felt so relaxed, excited and had fun, fun, fun!!  The settings were just lovely and you made it so easy to “follow direction”, all the different poses and expressions were easy to understand.  In total, a fun exciting day – I felt like a movie star!! 🙂


Thank you to the fabulous team for making these ladies look absolutely beautiful :

Make-up:  Jane Guildea from Make me Beautiful Jane

Hair:  Cornel Labuschagne from Jami Hairdressing

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Much Love

Natasha xxx


Family of survivors and family of love!

Today I am celebrating my beautiful mom and sisters who all are breast cancer survivors!

As a child we never really fully understand what our parents go through.  In my child-eyes everything around me was always happy and colourful.  We had the happiest best ever childhood.  Yes, there were sibling fights, but we truly loved and still love each other to this day.  I have a family who will walk to the end of the world for one another.  We were brought up with strong morals and a great believe in God and I love and appreciate that our parents brought us up that way 🙂

I must have been around 10 when mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  But at that age I did not really understand cancer and what it was all about.  To me, mom was going into hospital for an operation, nothing out of the ordinary.  We weren’t/aren’t really a family who got/get sick a lot, so doctor visits were not really a regular thing for us.  For me, this cancer thing did not mean much at that stage.  I knew mom obviously was sick since the doctor said she was sick, but in my eyes she was healthy and looked like she did any other day.  My thoughts … she has no runny nose or headaches or fevers so she would probably be back home within a day or 2.  For me, life as I knew it continued.  I can’t actually remember a lot of what my parents told us about this situation mom was in, so I guess they decided to only tell us what we needed to know.  The one thing I do remember was walking past my parent’s room and hearing my dad cry softly.  I can’t recall ever seeing my dad cry before this day.  I peaked through the door and saw my big, tall strong father looking very fragile.  That picture is something I remember up to today.  I never told my parents this … Mom had her operation and never received any chemo.  She has been great since then.  God looked after her for sure!  We are so blessed to still have our beautiful mom & dad with us.  They are both in their early 80’s (sorry mom!) and still going strong.

Middle last year I received the news that my eldest sister, Desire, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  It hit me like an overflowing bucket filled with colder than cold ice.  I could not bear the thought of her going through this terrible thing called cancer.  I live in Perth and she lives in South Africa, so since I could not be with her, I did the only thing I knew and that was to ask God to keep her safe and healthy.  Des herself started a prayer group on WhatsApp, I asked my close FB friends to pray for her and I’m pretty sure all her friends and the rest of our family started prayer groups as well.  The power of prayer is undeniable.  I’ve seen this way to many times in my life and so I know that the only way for her to get through this was with our prayers and Gods mercy and love.  Des has a huge support group back home.  Her friends are Super friends from way back when.  We have the best parents in the world and they would take care of her like no one else.  She had her surgery with family & friends by her side and she woke up with family & friends by her side.  Her friends made turns to keep her company throughout her chemo sessions and after every chemo session she went to mom and dad where they took great care of her.  I take my hat off to my parents who are both in their 80’s and who is still there for all of us.  God knew we needed them as parents!  Des and I had the best Skype chats during this time.  We like to laugh and sometimes that is the best medicine.  We had loads of fun and jokes when she started to loose her hair.  At one stage she looked like “Chucky the doll”, but with a way more friendlier and prettier face.  Oh boy, we had good fun.  Des came through her ordeal;  never felt sorry for herself and every single time praises God for helping her through this season of her life.  I am so proud of her for never giving up on life and God!

It was only a couple of weeks after Desire’s operation that my dearest middle sister, Minette, was also diagnosed with breast cancer.  I felt numb.  How can this be … I’m pretty sure it must be a mistake.  But unfortunately it was no mistake.  The fortunate thing for Minette was that they caught it in the early stages, so she only needed to have the lump removed and then she had 6 weeks of radiation.  That is no walk in the park either.  Over our Skype sessions she would show me the marks radiation leaves.  It is not pretty … and I felt for her, as it must have been so tender where she had her treatment.  Her spirit was, have been and always is high, so she handled her walk with cancer like a walk in the park.  There aren’t many things in life that gets her down.  She is such an example of never giving up since life handed her her faire share of sadness when she lost her husband to cancer.  But every cloud has its silver lining and she received God’s grace when she met and married her 2nd husband.

I was fortunate to go back home at the end of last year for Liezel, Desire’s middle daughter’s wedding.  I appreciated every minute with both my sisters and rest of the family.  My family is my world!  I unfortunately only got to see and spend time with Minette on the wedding day since they had to go back to her hubby’s family the next day.  At least I got a good couple of hugs and kisses from her 🙂

A couple of days before I had to return to Perth, I decided to photograph Des.  I love the positive vibe that shines from Des in these photos.  I love that cancer did not get the best of her and I love her lust and love for life.  I love that she is a child of God and I love that she accepted her situation.  I love that she loved her short hair and I love that she feels and felt beautiful.  I love that she never gave up.

I love that we as a family did not see the year 2016 as the worst year ever and I love that we don’t blame God for anything, but rather praise Him for everything we have.  We are a blessed God loving family and I love it!