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The importance of doing combined family photo’s is just so important in my books.  These form part of your family history and will be cherished forever, you need to do this regularly … you will thank me later for this reminder 🙂

I’ve been photographing little Nicolas for the last 3 years and when Ina’s family came over to Perth from South Africa and Geraldton for Christmas, they decided to celebrate this with a combined photo session.  We had loads of fun and lots of laughters trying to get all the young ones (and older ones) to look at us simultaneously. Yes, we do love to capture the real unposed moments.  But we also know it’s super important for parents and grandparents to have a couple of images where everyone is looking into the camera.  True story!

We definitely had our work cut out for us, but we do love the end result.

I’ll be sharing Nicolas’s latest photo session on my blog soon, so keep an eye out for this.  In the mean time, enjoy browsing through these images and do contact me for your own family session!


Natasha xoxo

Laetitia & Amanda’s mother & daugther session

I love it when people see the value of being photographed.

Laetitia gave me a call to book a session for herself and her daughter, Amanda. Both are celebrating special birthdays and as Laetitia put it, these are milestones that needs to be celebrated and photographed. This gorgeous mom will be turning 50 and Amanda just celebrated her 21st birthday.

Thank you for letting us be part of such a special time in your lives. We enjoyed dressing you up and love the end result!

Happy birthday to both of you 🙂


Hair & Make-up: Rana Mos















Eleanor’s lifestyle Beach shoot

Sunsets are always the perfect time to be at the beach.  It’s definitely the perfect time for photography.  Especially when all the elements on the day work together!  Eleanor is a gorgeous girl with a huge passion for the ocean and so a photo shoot down at our local beach fitted her lifestyle and personality like a glove.  We had the best of time and even got a little wet.  The water was so nice and warm … not something I say easily 🙂

I love how the light changes within minutes and the yellows and oranges start to play with the light streaks on the horizon and then changes the sky into a beautiful painting.  It’s moments like these that I love to capture.  I call these paintings by God.

There is still a couple of months left before we are truly into winter, so contact me so that we can start planning your photo session on the beach.
































Ine’s Year 12 Ball

Year 12 is such an exciting year with so many dreams and realities all in one.  One of the highlights for most students is their year 12 ball.  Such an exciting time in their lives.

Ine is the daughter of a great friend of mine.  I’ve known her for a very long time and both our families now live in Perth.  It was so great to be able to photograph Ine for this very beautiful occasion.  Loved her royal blue dress!  You looked absolutely radiant Ine 🙂

























Zani’s Bridal Shower

So hubby and I have been in the wedding industry for over 25 years. I started out with my photography career when our children was still toddlers. My little curly head girl was probably only 5 when I started. At first, for the first couple of years, I mostly did event and family photography. Then we moved to a different state and had a friends wedding coming up. At that stage I had quite a bit of experience with portraiture, but have never done any weddings. But I jumped at the chance to go into this direction. With our first wedding we also had a first finalist in a very popular and well known “Bride of the year” competition. This, together with referrals and advertising in a bridal magazine brought us on track for our wedding photography business. At this stage hubby had no choice but to join me in my venture. He started out as my 2nd shooter, but boy, he was huge competition so became my equal. His work is so beautiful. We compliment each other’s style and will very seldom photograph a wedding without each other. Having attend so many beautiful weddings throughout our career, I always got super emotional seeing the couple, especially the bride.  I would always imagine what it would feel like to see my little girl on her wedding day.  It feels like years turned into days.  Before I knew it, my daughter was engaged.  She chose well.  He is a kind hearted man of God with so much love for her and everyone in her life.  We could not be more happy for the 2 of them.

So the past Christmas season we had so many things happening.  Deon and I celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary, Zani’s bridal shower, Christmas, New Year, Deon’s birthday and then ended it off with their wedding.  We were fortunate to have my parents and my sister over from South Africa for a couple of months and so it was super special to have them here for the kitchen tea.

I really wanted a beautiful colourful theme for her bridal shower.  My very talented friend, Mariana from The Wedding Place Perth, baked the most gorgeous tasty beautiful red velvet cake.  We had such a great evening with some of her close friends.  I feel blessed to have this gorgeous person as my daughter.




























Timeless love

As I grow older I find myself appreciating age.  I see the beauty and wisdom all around me when I’m surrounded by beautiful and warm hearted slightly older people.  No one wants to be called old … let’s just get that straight!  There seems to be no gentle word describing boomers.  Old is just another word, it definitely does not define a person.  I do however find that the world out there seems to “forget” about this beautiful more mature group of people.  Lets explain it this way … You will seldom see magazines and fashion houses use models over 30.  I am a mom who has lived life for the past 50 years and I want to look fashionable and dress fashionable, wrinkles, love-handles and all.    Don’t get me wrong, I love young people and love photographing them, but I would love to see models over 40 show me what ageing gracefully looks like.  Unfortunately a beautiful young model aren’t capable of doing that.

This made me think and realise that we ourselves are to blame for this.  We let the world forget about us, so we need to show the world how important and gorgeous we are.

We live through different seasons in life … we fall in love, get married and most of the time have children.   We make/made sure to capture all these seasons filled with memories, and so we have loads of albums to show for this.  We plan and book family photo sessions and we fill our walls with gorgeous prints of those sessions.  These are our walls of memories which flows through our house.  We enter the next season where we become empty nesters. Our children get married, start their little family and we become the proudest grandparents the world has ever seen 🙂  We then start to fill our houses with beautiful pictures of those adorable little faces we call grandkids.  We keep filling albums and walls with every single special memory.  Our walls run out of space, but we make sure to keep these memories on USB’S/computers/mobile phones.  We get in the habit of not printing any new photo’s for our house because the walls are filled up.  We tend to think that we will print them some day, but that day never arrives.  All of a sudden we realise that we have “lost” a lot of years filled with those memories, because we don’t remember where we saved the last 5 years of photo’s to.  Then we start to search for these photo’s and that is when we realise that we have forgotten one VERY IMPORTANT thing … amongst all the fuss around life and our grandkids we don’t have any recent photo’s of just the 2 of us.  We actually have not had proper beautiful photos taken since our grandkids were born.  Yes, we do have mobile phone photos and we might have been lucky enough to be part of our kids family photo session, but we have nothing of just the 2 of us.  We have stopped celebrating & photographing US as a couple. We have nothing.  We have forgotten us for the last 10+ years!

This is why I make the effort to photograph my own parents who are still very healthy and happy over the age of 80.  I live in a different country than they do so I do not get to see them often.  These pictures are worth gold to me.  I have captured them in a moment of time.  I’ve engraved that memory into prints for myself, my children and future grandkids.  They are part of our family history and I love them and want to always remember them.  I also realise that it is important to have gorgeous professional photo’s of my hubby and myself.  It does wonders to see the love we have for each other show on the photo’s.  I cherish these and I fill my home with them.  I never want to forget us and never want our history to be forgotten.

David & Cindy are one of those couples who have a lifetime of stories to share.  They are prominent figures in our church and are loved by loads of people.  When Cindy & David thought about the last time they had photo’s taken of just the 2 of them they realised that it was long overdue.  Since I love capturing real moments with sessions like this one, we decided to go down to our local boat harbour and use the gorgeous surroundings as their backdrop.  When people are being photographed in the outdoors they definitely are so much more relaxed and comfortable.  This was time for just the 2 of them;  time to think about their love for each other and actually re-connect with that feeling they first had when they saw each other for the first time many years ago.  These 2 people were super easy and comfortable in front of our lens.  There words to us:  “we had so much fun”.

I strongly recommend that each and every young, midlife & mature couple never neglect to photograph YOU as a couple.  You are worth it!

Please click here to browse through David & Cindy’s special memories




Celebrating 25 years of Marriage and still going strong!

When we grow old, we want to do it with the one we love the most in this world!

Jacques & Karina recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and a photo session to celebrate this awesome milestone was the best idea.  Since I love photographing couples in natural light and they love the beach there was no better place to do this session.  It was a very windy , but gorgeous day.  The sunset was really beautiful 🙂  and that added to their perfect images!  I love how natural and relaxed they look in their photo’s.  I love it when a couple is really zoned into each other just like they were.  All I needed to do was to guide them, stand back and click away.

I find it amazing that most of the couples I know over 40 only have selfies and mobile phone images of themselves. Normally it’s when they drink coffee or have dinner or some sort of activity when the lighting is terrible and are only useful for facebook, instagram and twitter.  On top of that, when the kids are still at home, they make an effort to have beautiful professional family photos taken.  Once the nest is empty, no more photos.  We all owe it to ourselves to have proper professional images that captures how we have grown, and who we are as a couple at a certain point in time.  I suggest that couples do this regularly as these images will be fond memories to look back on in the future.  These images will be worth their weight in gold for our children and grandchildren.

Don’t wait, do it now … don’t find an excuse not to do it.  Find an excuse to do it.  Find an excuse to create everlasting memories which you will love.















Muilenburg Family

I met Desiree and Rob 2 years ago when I ran a series on my blog on inspirational immigrant women. Des is such a great lady with a great story and a great heart so it was inevitable for us to become friends!

Both Des & Rob’s children came to visit them for Christmas last year, so Des contacted me as soon as she heard the news and book me to do a family photo session of their beautiful combined family.  Such a great thing to do since it’s not always easy to gather the whole family for a session like this.  On a very boiling hot 26 December, we had some fun with the family.  The brightest of bright sunlight was burning down on us early in the morning.  The shade did not even cool us down.  We started the shoot at 9am with the hope of it not being to hot this time of the morning.  December is summertime in Perth … and well … it gets extremely hot most of the days, but mostly it will only be really hot after 11am.  Not this time around.  It was uncomfortably hot on this day from early on in the morning.   But the family were real troopers, and we got some gorgeous images which will last them a lifetime.

Thanks to you all for keeping your cool during the session.  We loved our time with you all.


Carel’s Year 12 Ball

Ball time does not mean I only get to photograph gorgeous girls in gorgeous dresses, sometimes I have the pleasure of photographing good looking guys too 🙂

Carel’s year 12 ball took place earlier this year in Perth at Kings Park.  I knew Kings Park will be super busy on a day like this, so I suggested a photo session at UWA’s grounds.  I love this place; it’s like a candy store … you don’t know where to start and what to use since you have way to many options available!  I think Carel did a fantastic job … his “inner model” 😉 definitely made his appearance throughout this session.  He was a super easy guy to photograph.

Enjoy browsing through his images 🙂



















Family of survivors and family of love!

Today I am celebrating my beautiful mom and sisters who all are breast cancer survivors!

As a child we never really fully understand what our parents go through.  In my child-eyes everything around me was always happy and colourful.  We had the happiest best ever childhood.  Yes, there were sibling fights, but we truly loved and still love each other to this day.  I have a family who will walk to the end of the world for one another.  We were brought up with strong morals and a great believe in God and I love and appreciate that our parents brought us up that way 🙂

I must have been around 10 when mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.  But at that age I did not really understand cancer and what it was all about.  To me, mom was going into hospital for an operation, nothing out of the ordinary.  We weren’t/aren’t really a family who got/get sick a lot, so doctor visits were not really a regular thing for us.  For me, this cancer thing did not mean much at that stage.  I knew mom obviously was sick since the doctor said she was sick, but in my eyes she was healthy and looked like she did any other day.  My thoughts … she has no runny nose or headaches or fevers so she would probably be back home within a day or 2.  For me, life as I knew it continued.  I can’t actually remember a lot of what my parents told us about this situation mom was in, so I guess they decided to only tell us what we needed to know.  The one thing I do remember was walking past my parent’s room and hearing my dad cry softly.  I can’t recall ever seeing my dad cry before this day.  I peaked through the door and saw my big, tall strong father looking very fragile.  That picture is something I remember up to today.  I never told my parents this … Mom had her operation and never received any chemo.  She has been great since then.  God looked after her for sure!  We are so blessed to still have our beautiful mom & dad with us.  They are both in their early 80’s (sorry mom!) and still going strong.

Middle last year I received the news that my eldest sister, Desire, was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  It hit me like an overflowing bucket filled with colder than cold ice.  I could not bear the thought of her going through this terrible thing called cancer.  I live in Perth and she lives in South Africa, so since I could not be with her, I did the only thing I knew and that was to ask God to keep her safe and healthy.  Des herself started a prayer group on WhatsApp, I asked my close FB friends to pray for her and I’m pretty sure all her friends and the rest of our family started prayer groups as well.  The power of prayer is undeniable.  I’ve seen this way to many times in my life and so I know that the only way for her to get through this was with our prayers and Gods mercy and love.  Des has a huge support group back home.  Her friends are Super friends from way back when.  We have the best parents in the world and they would take care of her like no one else.  She had her surgery with family & friends by her side and she woke up with family & friends by her side.  Her friends made turns to keep her company throughout her chemo sessions and after every chemo session she went to mom and dad where they took great care of her.  I take my hat off to my parents who are both in their 80’s and who is still there for all of us.  God knew we needed them as parents!  Des and I had the best Skype chats during this time.  We like to laugh and sometimes that is the best medicine.  We had loads of fun and jokes when she started to loose her hair.  At one stage she looked like “Chucky the doll”, but with a way more friendlier and prettier face.  Oh boy, we had good fun.  Des came through her ordeal;  never felt sorry for herself and every single time praises God for helping her through this season of her life.  I am so proud of her for never giving up on life and God!

It was only a couple of weeks after Desire’s operation that my dearest middle sister, Minette, was also diagnosed with breast cancer.  I felt numb.  How can this be … I’m pretty sure it must be a mistake.  But unfortunately it was no mistake.  The fortunate thing for Minette was that they caught it in the early stages, so she only needed to have the lump removed and then she had 6 weeks of radiation.  That is no walk in the park either.  Over our Skype sessions she would show me the marks radiation leaves.  It is not pretty … and I felt for her, as it must have been so tender where she had her treatment.  Her spirit was, have been and always is high, so she handled her walk with cancer like a walk in the park.  There aren’t many things in life that gets her down.  She is such an example of never giving up since life handed her her faire share of sadness when she lost her husband to cancer.  But every cloud has its silver lining and she received God’s grace when she met and married her 2nd husband.

I was fortunate to go back home at the end of last year for Liezel, Desire’s middle daughter’s wedding.  I appreciated every minute with both my sisters and rest of the family.  My family is my world!  I unfortunately only got to see and spend time with Minette on the wedding day since they had to go back to her hubby’s family the next day.  At least I got a good couple of hugs and kisses from her 🙂

A couple of days before I had to return to Perth, I decided to photograph Des.  I love the positive vibe that shines from Des in these photos.  I love that cancer did not get the best of her and I love her lust and love for life.  I love that she is a child of God and I love that she accepted her situation.  I love that she loved her short hair and I love that she feels and felt beautiful.  I love that she never gave up.

I love that we as a family did not see the year 2016 as the worst year ever and I love that we don’t blame God for anything, but rather praise Him for everything we have.  We are a blessed God loving family and I love it!