Jan-Hendrik’s Year 12 Ball – Perth

Up on my blog today is another year 12 ball session.

I got to photograph Jan-Hendrik for this special occasion.  All smiles and ready for the big night, we had a ball photographing him.  Such a relaxed and happy young man to photograph.  Our jobs was definitely easy with him in front of the lens.

We hope you had a blast and a night filled with great memories.

Much love




Elzarie’s fairytale Perth Year 12 Ball

Year 12 Ball time is always the best.  I get to see the excitement of beautiful teenagers like Elzarie.  She is the 3rd sister that I got to photograph for the last 3 years for this special occasion.

We had a beautiful overcast afternoon which made for some spectacular images which she will treasure forever.  Elzarie, you looked absolutely beautiful.  We wish you a very happy blessed last year of school.  May all your dreams come true!

Love, Natasha


Make-up:  suzanne.make-up


Turning 3 is so much fun

I love the energy of children …

This little guy had us work for our money!  We have been fortunate to photograph Nicolas for his 1st, 2nd and now 3rd birthday celebration and we love it.  He loves water & trucks, so it was a no brainer to do his photo session down at the beach … but boy did he keep us busy. Let’s just say 4 adults left for home exhausted, wet and very hungry after this workout.

Scroll down to the end for a behind the scene shot.

We had a picture perfect sunset as you can see, so all the exercise and running around was worth the effort!

Enjoy browsing through his session.

Love, Natasha xoxo

Love in Perth City – Toby & Cody’s Anniversary Celebrations

Today I’m sharing the gorgeous Cody & Toby’s 4th wedding anniversary photo session which we photographed in the streets of Perth city a couple of weeks ago.

Wow is what I will say … they are still so much in love and this is reflected beautifully in their collection of images!  We did not have to guide them much, they were so easy to photograph and our camera’s sure did see them as a super model couple.

We wish you guys loads of happy and blessed years together and we absolutely loved doing your session.  You sure are such a special couple!

Much love

Natasha xoxo     

Over 40 and Beautiful – Meet Jen

Jen is the owner of Stella Rose in Mt Hawthorn and this year she will be joining the 50’s club.

While Rana was busy doing her hair & make-up, we were talking about how we become invisible once we hit 45+!  We decided that we need to spread the word and remind us 45plussers that we still rock, we are worthy and we are fabulous.

When I look at Jen, I see a strong independent woman who knows what it is to go through trials and that life does not exist of roses only.  Trials are what form us, shape us and make us stronger.  We all have a story to share and we should never ever forget that we do matter.  Us girls have to stand up for each other and we have to support each other. We should all #celebrateyourage

Jen brought beautiful pieces from her store for the session and she definitely nailed it.

She is currently offering any women who books a session with me to use clothing from her boutique for the session free of charge.  (Please contact Jen for details of this special offer!)

Thank you Jen for your generosity!


Natasha xoxo

Hair & Make-up:  Rana Mos