Anke’s Beautiful You Session

“I believe inner beauty is beauty in it’s truest form. When we nurture ourselves, it brings an inevitable, positive transformation.” – Paula Abdul

Meet Anke, a beautiful friend with a passion for art.

If you’ve read my previous entry, you will know that I’m on a mission to change the view of how the fashion and marketing and we, the over 45 ladies, see ourselves.  We need a voice and people who represents us in fashion. We need to start by first treating ourselves the right way and a great way to do that is to treat yourself with a #over50andfabulous #modelforaday photo session. Anke who is also a friend was my 1st model. I asked Anke to share her experience in a few words.

Anke says: “When Natasha asked me for the photo shoot I was chuffed because she is such an amazing photographer, but in my heart I was hesitant as well because I’m not comfortable in front of a camera.  I would lie if I say I was not nervous the day of the shoot. But it was such a treat to arrive at Natasha’s studio, having my make-up and hair done by the fabulous Rana from Pink Makeup Artistry.  What I liked about Rana is she was sharing her makeup tricks and suggesting different products and options.  The shoot was fun! Especially our friends shoot with Karina, Natasha and myself.  Lots of laughs and giggles.  Thank you Tash for a lovely experience.  The photos tell the story.  I felt beautiful.”

Thank you Anke, you looked amazing!


Make-up & Hair:  Rana from Pink Make-up Artistry

Styling:  Natasha